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WeePro®is a global brand professional at eye and face protection

WeePro® innovates a special strong, airtight, and removable frame seal. It allows you to adhere anti-fog visor insert, photochromic visor insert on the inside of your helmet visor directly.

The universal version can fit over 80% helmet visors all over the world. We also offer customized version if you prefer.

At the same time, we our deep technology base, we also offer goggle lenses which pass K mark and N mark. Great quality helmet visors and face shield. We can support to realize your own design.

Milestones of WeePro®

Our mother company WS established. With 10,000 m2 facility and 48 employees. We created $ 3M revenue for the first two years.
We delivered first 1 million helmet visors. Invested $3M for the military face shield workshop.
WeeTect Be Founded. Established Mission: Enable People to Create!
Kicked Off WeePro® Anti-fog Visor Insert R&D Program
WeePro® Brand Be Established in U.S. and EU. Anti-fog Visor Insert Be Successfully Launched in U.S. and EU
Established WeePro® Mission: Solve All Foggy Issues for All Riders All Over the World!
WeePro® Became the World Leading Brand of Adhering Anti-fog Visor Insert.
200+ Global Stores, 300K+ Global Sales Anti Fog, No Need Pins Anymore!

Why You Should Chose WeePro® to be Your Partner

WeePro® is a global brand under WeeTect Group who has been dedicating on innovating unique products to “Protect People and Pursue Safety”!

With the military background, WeePro® has a deep technical database, years of research and development experiences, variety of supply chain capabilities, WeePro® could catch the real demand and offer capable products faster to the market.

WeePro® could also sign NDA and support you to develop your own products under your own brand.


Key Products Under WeePro®

Anti-fog Visor Insert
Anti-fog, No Need Pins Anymore! Let you “Say Fog-Off to the Condensation on Your Visor”.
PHA Insert
PHA means Photochromic, Heat Resistance, and Anti-fog. Reduce Sun Glare On Your Riding!
Anti-fog Goggle Lens
Pass EN168 K mark and N mark. We have many tint color options and also available on REVO coating.
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