• Anti Fog Visor Insert
  • Anti Fog Visor Insert
  • Anti Fog Visor Insert
  • Anti Fog Visor Insert
  • Anti Fog Visor Insert
  • Anti Fog Visor Insert
  • Anti Fog Visor Insert
  • Anti Fog Visor Insert

Universal Anti Fog Visor Insert

Clear adhesive universal fit anti-fog helmet shield with a comfortable vision area.

  • Outstanding moisture absorbing anti-fog technology.
  • Optical clear.
  • Strong adhesion (no pin required).
  • Easy to apply.
  • Size: 3.7″ x 10.7″. Customizable.
  • Removable, no residue.

WeePro® Anti-fog Visor Insert

To ensure your fog-free vision, the WeePro® technology is based on three key principles. No pins are required.

The moisture-absorbing surface can effectively attract and stores water molecules. The outstanding moisture-absorbing capacity supports the great anti-fog property.

No moisture comes inside. The transparent, strong, and sustainable adhesive frame seal can support you to install the WeePro® anti-fog visor insert neatly and tightly on the inside of your helmet visor. It is removable without residue when you expect to replace a new one.

The adhesive frame’s airtight seal creates a thermal barrier. They can together support you to prevent the condensation of your visor.

Anti-fog Principles:     Moisture Absorbing, Airtight Adhesive Frame Seal

Product Dimensions:   10.7”x3.6” (272*91.3mm)

Weight: 0.68oz (19.2g)

Color: Clear

Visible Light Transmittance: 92%

Fitness: Universal (Customizable)


  • Optical Clear
  • Affordable
  • EN168 >150s
  • Strong Adhesion
  • High-Quality Material
  • Removable
  • No Residue
  • Less Distortion
  • Customizable
  • Durable

Advantages of WeePro® Anti-fog Visor Insert

Anti Fog Visor Insert
Strong adhesion (no pin required)

WeePro® designs a special adhesive frame seal that is very strong, durable under UV, and airtight to isolate moisture. You can direct adhere the anti-fog visor insert on the inside of your helmet visor. No need for any pins. If you want to replace a new one after years, just peel off the lens directly, with no residue.

Moisture Absorbing

WeePro® offers outstanding moisture-absorbing anti-fog technology which can ensure your fog-free vision under different weather conditions. The insert is optically clear. You will have a nice riding experience.

Anti Fog Visor Insert
Anti Fog Visor Insert
Easy to Apply

WeePro® collects the dimension data of more than 100 helmet brands and 1000 models. The universal design can fit for most helmet models in worldwide. You can watch the demo video to complete your installation easily. If the universal version can’t fit your helmet visor, we are glad to replace a custom shape for you by free.

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