Why you should be a distributor of WeePro®?

WeePro® is a global brand under WeeTect group who focuses on eye and face protection.

WeePro® innovates a special strong, airtight, and removable frame seal. The moisture-absorbing anti-fog visor insert can be adhered to your helmet visor without any pins.

WeePro® also has PHA Insert which can reduce sun glare on your riding, filter 99.9% UV ray and cut most IR which can protect your face from burning. At the same time, it has anti-fog properties as well.

Both above inserts will be installed by frame seal. So they can be installed on most helmet visors on the market, no matter if they have or haven’t pinned.

Anti Fog, No Need Pins Anymore!

We have a universal version that can offer great advantages to dealerships. Creating and sharing is our company’s value. We are glad to share reasonable profit with you in the long term if you can offer good service to end users consistently.

Who can be a distributor of WeePro®?

  • Dealers of motorcycle helmets or accessories
  • Online stores
  • Professionals who have good networking on the helmet industry

Where we need to have distributors?

WeePro® has good sales and end users’ good experiences on Amazon and YouTube. You can refer to below linkage:



We are now open for distributor applications worldwide.

How to be a distributor of WeePro®?

Complete the self-assessment table and send it to sales@weetect.com.

We also encourage professionals who have good networking in the helmet and accessory industry to cooperate.

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