WeePro®’s Value is to realize your idea. We are glad to support you to design your own products and manufacture for you.

Branding company of eye and face protection:

We are glad to do OEM/ODM for you with your own brand. We can manufacture anti-fog visor insert, photochromic visor insert, goggles, motorcycle helmet visors, etc for you.

With a military background, we have a deep technology base with a matrix of know-hows which can support you to a leading company in your industry.

Helmet Company:

We are glad to do OEM/ODM for you by a flexible branding strategy.

If you need anti-fog property for your helmet, WeePro® can offer you direct adhesive insert, no need pins anymore.

If you need photochromic property, WeePro® can combine this function into the anti-fog visor insert, no need pins anymore.

If you need a goggle lens which can pass both K mark and N mark, send an inquiry to us.

If you need a good quality motorcycle helmet visor with multiple functions like impact resistant, optical class 1, anti-fog, REVO coating, photochromic, hydrophobic, etc. Send any inquiry to us.

We also can support you to do custom design and optical corrections.

Individual and Small Business:

If you have a good idea which can enhance the experience of end users. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are far more than glad to support you to realize it.

Realize Your Idea!


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