Universal PHA Insert


Photochromic, Heat resistant, Anti-fog helmet visor film for motorcycle helmet visors.

  • Photochromic, self-tinting under UV light.
  • Heat resistant by filtering IR.
  • Promising anti-fog technology.
  • Strong adhesive frame seal (no pin required).
  • Easy to install.
  • Universal design. Customizable.
  • Removable, with no residue.

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WeePro® PHA (Photochromic, Heat-resistant, Anti-fog) Insert

Sun-glare is a headache for most motorcyclists. You even can’t open the eyes when you are riding under sunny or cloudy days.

WeePro® PHA Insert can change from clear to different dark levels rapidly under different level of UV ray. The photochromic visor is clear at night. During the day, the PHA insert will be slightly darken and becomes light grey. And it will self-tint to a decent level of dark on a sunny day.

With an UV (Ultraviolet) and IR (Infrared) filtering property, WeePro® PHA Insert can cut 99.9% UV light and more than 80% IR light, which can prevent you from burning by strong sunlight during long riding.

WeePro® PHA Insert has a promising anti-fog performance. The adhesive frame airtight seal creates a thermal barrier. It can together support you to prevent the condensation of your visor.

Additional information

Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 27.178 × 9.144 cm
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