Limited Warranty

WeePro® guarantees the first owner of the insert that it will have no defects for at least six months from the date of first purchase. WeePro® should repair or replace any defective visor insert or refund the paid price of the first owner. However, WeePro® warranty does not apply to any damage caused by abuse, misuse, neglect, abnormal wear and tear, accidents, and inappropriate installation or cleaning.

You can contact the store where you purchase from. Show them the warranty term on the package or show them this page. The store should offer you the warranty. Just in case, the store doesn’t offer you the warranty, please send pictures of your defects to us. If you prefer, send pictures of the store.


The WeePro® anti-fog visor insert and photochromic visor insert is made of soft plastic. Please handle it carefully.

The glue is very strong after full installation. Do not press too hard on the glue until you get the right position for the insert. It can’t be reused. Do not peel it off after 24 hours.

If you need to clean the insert during the period of use, you can use plain water or mild handwashing soap with a soft fabric to avoid scratching/damage.

  • This product contains small parts that may cause suffocation if swallowed by children.


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